Year 5

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At Bungay Primary School, we are keen to inspire and create a culture of love towards reading. In KS2, we will be continuing to work together as classes to dawn our reading trees with colourful leaves! Each time your child reads to an adult and gets their reading record signed, then they will gain a leaf. The leaves are counted each week and the class with the most leaves will receive a reward.

National Curriculum

Click on the links below to be aware of the objectives that are taught in Year 5 and 6. You may want to use these to support your children at home.




The children should be able to spell and read the common exception words for their year group. It would be very useful to practise these regularly. Spellings will be set weekly using spelling patterns/rules which are relevant for your child’s ability.

Statutory Spelling Words Year 5 and 6 checklist



In Year 5 and 6, children are expected to at least form their letters correctly in preparation for joined handwriting, eventually moving on to joining their handwriting using the correct formation. At Bungay Primary we use cursive handwriting. This may be something that you would like to practise at home.



PE will be on a Monday for Year 5 and 6 this term, so please ensure that children are bringing in their FULL PE kit. We encourage them to leave their PE kits in all week, but that doesn’t mean that our timetable won’t change or we may have scheduled extra PE activities.

Activity Café

Like the previous year, each class will run an activity café based on a different theme each time. Parents/carers are welcome to come and spend time with children, immersing in the learning environment at Bungay Primary. Keep an eye out for updates for when these will run on the APP and website.

Daily Mile

At Bungay Primary, we are keen to promote being fit and healthy, as well as ensuring that children are engaged and ready for learning. Each day, each class spends 15 minutes a day outside, whether this is running, jogging or walking. For more information, please see daily mile website 

Useful websites for SPAG:

Useful websites for Maths:

If you ever have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to come and speak to us and book a meeting if necessary.


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