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Welcome to our learning curriculum!

Click here for: Curriculum Information (Includes KS1 Phonics programme “Read, Write, Inc.”)

Below you will find all the long term plans from every class within school:


Here is a parent guide to the new curriculum:


At Bungay Primary, we follow the Primary National Curriculum, 2014. We use ‘Assertive Mentoring’ to identify and plan for gaps for individual year groups and children.

Big Maths

Every week our children undertake a “Big Maths” challenge (Assertive Mentoring), where children are taught in a specific Stage group. Children undertake a skills check, using a prompt sheet to help them. Then they work on any errors in preparation for the next week. Every half-term, children undertake a “Big Maths” assessment to allow teachers to identify learning gaps and plan for the next half-term. Once children have mastered the Stage they are working in, they move up to the next one to continue their learning journey.

What do our children have access to?

Every child has two prompt sheets; one at home to aid with homework and one to use in maths lessons. They also have a Stage grid in the front of their maths books to show the curriculum objectives they have achieved and the objectives they need to push themselves to achieve. We are also lucky to have access to My Maths, an online learning environment, where children can access homework, activities and maths games.

Aspire, Encourage, Learn, Achieve, Celebrate

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