School Times

8:25: Teaching staff briefing

8:45-Teaching staff to meet & greet parents/carers

8:50: Bell rings for the start of the school day (children line up and adults leave (with exception of Nursery)

8:55: Registration & EMA (Early Morning Activity)

9:05 Registration closes & 1st lesson starts

10:00-10:15 Teaching Assistants’ break (working break during phase meetings)

10:15: Break (all teaching assistants on duty with allocated teachers)

10:30-11:00: Reading

11:00: 2nd Lesson

12:00: Lunch

1:00 3rd lesson

2:15: 4th lesson

2:45: Assembly (exception is Friday Celebration assembly-2.30pm, KS1/KS2 on alternate weeks.

3:15: Home time


An adult leads the line of children around school.

Always make sure you let the teacher know the adult the children are leaving with.