PE and Sports Premium

Implementing the ‘Sports Premium’
The Government has allocated funding to every UK Primary School to develop Physical education and competitive sport. This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – will be allocated to primary school head teachers.
In our school we are using this funding by working with the Halesworth and Bungay Cluster Partnership to:
1. Bring a PE and sports specialist teacher in to work alongside class teachers in lessons.

i. In this way, our children will gain new skills and experiences and teachers will learn new  techniques and knowledge to support best practice in teaching sport and PE.

ii. This will produce higher quality lessons and improved learning for all children.
2. Increase the amount of competition sport in which our children participate.  This will help the children to develop:

i. Respect – fair play; knowing one’s own limits; and taking care of one’s health and the environment

ii. Excellence – how to give the best of oneself, on the field of play or in life; taking part; and progressing according to one’s own objectives

iii. Friendship – how, through sport, to understand each other despite any differences


3. Develop additional clubs and activities for children, outside the curriculum to add to the many clubs we have already in school, which we always strive to increase and give a wide variety of extra-curricular learning.

i. We will be using experienced coaches to give the children more sports clubs.

ii. We will arrange a wide variety of different sports to cater for as many children as possible.


Here is a link to our PE Premium: PE Premium 2017/2018

Here is a PDF of: PE and sport premium an investigation in primary schools

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