S.E.A.L (Stephen Hawking)

Mrs Yaxley

Mrs Yaxley


“For Success, attitude is as important as ability.”


Welcome to the S.E.A.L class! I am looking forward to getting to know you and working together so that we have a very exciting and productive year. I hope that you enjoy the new challenges and approaches to learning that the S.E.A.L. class has to offer!

Transition to the S.E.A.L. class.

Our aim is to ensure that the children experience a smooth transition to and from the S.E.A.L. class. The curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that children have had over the past year. Learning through practical real life experiences will continue to be an important part of the school day, and the children will gradually be encouraged into more self motivated, independent learning as the year goes on so that they become self-aware, empathetic, enthusiastic and eager learners. Please don’t hesitate to come and see me after school if you have any questions or queries.

Reading in S.E.A.L…

Children will be given a reading book and a reading log to bring home and read each day. They will need to bring their signed reading log and book back each day. This book will be changed as often as is necessary. The children will also have lots of opportunities to read and enjoy books throughout the week at school and at home.

S.E.A.L. Themes……

Please read the S.E.A.L. long term plan for an overview of the themes we will be focussing on during the year. The children will bring various activities home to help them consolidate their learning as they practise each skill set, with your help and support, during the week. There is an emphasis on you, as parents/carers, to please help your child learn these vital skills.

A ‘Parent Pack’ is available to help you support your child at home. It is extremely easy to use and will explain each theme in a family friendly manner.

Please speak to Mrs Yaxley for further details.

General Reminders…

  • The children will be taking part in PE and other physical activities during the week. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school and that all items are clearly labelled.
  • Please hand in any letters or reply slips to the school office.
  • The children may keep their own water bottle in class which they can access throughout the day and they will change their water regularly. Please make sure your child’s name is written clearly on their water bottle.
  • Show and Tell is held on a Friday afternoon. It is an opportunity for your child to develop their speaking and listening skills as they show the rest of the class a special item of interest which they have bought in from home.
  • E.A.L homework.

This is in the form of a ‘family activity’ worksheet designed to follow the present theme being covered in class and completed with parents/carers. It is sent home on a Tuesday to be completed and returned by the following Monday morning.


Long Term Plan:


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