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Welcome to the Year 1 and Year 2 Page! 

Notices  – Week of 10th December

Monday 17th December at 2.30pm the children would like to sing carols to you while you munch on mince pies!  Tickets available from the office at a cost of 50p each.  We have to limit it to 2 tickets per child, no ticket needed for children who are pre-school age.

Wednesday 19th December is party day and the children can come to school in party clothes.

We have started to develop a fabulous reading corner for our KS1 area and we have had some lovely donations!  However, if anyone knows of anyone wanting to sell or donate two settees that have fire tags attached, please let us know as we will be very interested.

Miss O'Connell's classroom reading corner has a theme of a jungle and Mrs McGrotty's has a theme of a garden so any donations of fabric for those would be super too.


Superhero project homework – all homework must be in by the end of this week.  Well done to all those children who have completed some  already!

Maths – This week we have been adding coins and exploring their totals.  You might like to raid purse, wallets and settees to help them find out more!

Literacy – We have been writing instructions this week.  This is based on the Robot and the Bluebird book.  In our reading lessons we have read How the Grinch stole Christmas.

Our Topic

This term our topic across the cluster of local Asset schools is ‘Superheroes’.

Superheroes topic web

National Curriculum 

These links will help to share with you the objectives that the children will be taught in Year 1 and Year 2. They can help you to support your child at home too.






Writing-Year-2-Standards 2


At Bungay Primary we will be using cursive handwriting when the children are ready to start it.  Through handwriting lessons and early morning work they will practise the cursive form.  There is no rush for them to join their letters but you may like to practise at home too.  Use large resources like chalks, paints and whiteboard pens to learn the shape and flow of the letters.  Once they can write the cursive letters correctly then start to think of writing them smaller.



The following sound mats will demonstrate the sounds that the children should know.  They should know all of Phase 2 – 5 by the end of Year 1.





The children should be able to spell common exception words for their year group and are worth practising.  Spelling tests will happen in Phonics lessons and will test how the children apply a particular sound or spelling rule.



Daily Mile 

At Bungay Primary we want to strive to have fit and healthy children who are energised for learning.  As part of our timetable we spend 15 minutes a day outside, running, jogging or walking and breathing in the fresh air.  It is great fun and over 5000 schools in the UK take part.

For more information visit; The Daily Mile UK

PE – Please ensure that your child has a fully named PE kit on their peg ALL week please.  The children have a set day for PE but that doesn’t mean that is the only day they need it.  Our timetable often fluctuates and changes at short notice.

If you would like to contact us you can ring the school office to make an appointment or email

Many Thanks

The KS1 Team

Led by D McGrotty 1/2MC

E O’Connell 1/2O

C Mann 1/2M

Aspire, Encourage, Learn, Achieve, Celebrate

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