Music & Peripatetic Lessons

Music is taught in each year group, following the Kapow scheme of work. This provides an engaging and progressive curriculum where the children are supported to develop a variety of skills, as well as gain an insight into the history of music. Our lessons target the key strands of performing, listening and composing; linking all of these to the inter-related dimensions of music. All pupils are introduced to a range of genres and musical styles, through inspiring cross-curricular themes. They have access to an assortment of instruments, making Music lessons a firm favourite across the school. We also have a large collection of ukuleles, enabling us to deliver whole class lessons.

For children who are keen to further develop their musical skills outside of the classroom, we also offer small group guitar lessons, taught by a professional musician. Our pupils are passionate about singing and love to perform, whether in class or at our local church. We understand the value of Music in promoting wellbeing and fostering our children’s creativity.