Whole School Curriculum

Curriculum Drivers and Long Term Plan

At Bungay Primary, we firmly believe in the importance of educating the whole child. As such, we have decided that today, tomorrow and in the future, we will be better at developing:

Respectful and Resilient Individuals

We believe our children need to develop the skills to work well with other people. Children need to know how to speak and listen with respect in a variety of different situations. Our children need to become resilient to be able to deal with different challenges across the curriculum and in the wider world. They need to develop the ability to solve problems with resilience, independence and determination. The key to this will be developing children’s skills to work independently and become resourceful.

Emotional and Social Awareness

Our Curriculum will provide opportunities for children to learn to respect and appreciate the diversity of an ever changing society. We aim to nurture confident, independent children who are able to make responsible choices and have the ability to show empathy and compassion towards others. The key to this will be developing children’s skills to become confident, articulate life-long learners using a THRIVE approach.

Our Local Community and The Wider World

Pupils at Bungay Primary will have the opportunity to learn about and be immersed in their local community and develop their understanding of the wider world (beyond their immediate doorstep) and different cultures. Our children need opportunities to experience the richness of the wider world’s diversity and show they care about its management and sustainability. The key to this will be developing children’s skills in order to empower them with the knowledge to protect our planet for their future and for future generations to come.

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Our Long Term Plan 

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