Little Wandle Letters and Sounds for Home and School's You Tube Channel is an excellent support for you at home. They have clear videos that follow what we are teaching. 

Click on the image to the left to take you to their channel. 

Our chosen published scheme since September 2021 is Little Wandle Hub. Through their detailed daily planning and skilled teaching we deliver consistent daily phonics lessons from Nursery.  The pace is quick and the children are encouraged to read a very high volume of words in their half an hour daily lesson.  The children's lessons follow the same format of revising sounds they know, aural blending, learning new sounds and applying the new sounds.  

Aural blending is taught throughout Nursery as from a young age there should be an expectation that they are listening and zoning into sounds and learning that phonemes can be linked together to make words. 

By the end of Year 1 the children are expected to know 40 phonemes and their matching graphemes and will then complete a government screening check in June. Should they need to retake this check this happens in June the following year when they are in year 2.


Pronunciations of Sounds from Phase 3 to 5


A helpful glossary of all the terms we use at school can be found here. 

Take a look at The Little Wandle Hub's website where there is a wealth of information for parents