Reading underpins all that we do here at Bungay Primary.  Children have the opportunity to read to an adult, a partner, a group or a class on a regular basis in all classes.  Reception and KS 1 classes focus on phonics and decodable books for the teaching of reading, incorporating comprehension skills to show understanding of the text.  KS2 move on to free reader books when they are ready and comprehension is taught through the specific skills of Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explaining, Retrieval and Sequencing/Summarising (using the acronym “VIPERS”) through a wide variety of genres.  Children take home a fully decodable book that they are able to challenge themselves to read and a book that they love from the books corners and library. Books are carefully selected for pupils so that they are able to read with fluency, prosody and expression through consistent practice. 

Reading for pleasure:

We are committed to teaching our children how to read, and enjoy reading, from an early age.  Regular opportunities for reading for pleasure are timetabled and our children enjoy reading and listening to a variety of genres and texts such as newspapers, magazines, fiction, non-fiction, picture books and poems.  These sessions are purely for the pleasure and joy of reading.