School Uniform 

All uniform can be ordered here

Our School Uniform

All children are expected to wear a navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan, ideally with the school logo on. These should be purchased directly from   using the link above.  Children can wear either a white button school shirt or a white or light blue polo shirt. We have found that a number of supermarkets stock both colours of the polo shirt. Children need to wear either charcoal-grey, smart school trousers or a charcoal-grey school skirt. The trousers need to be smart and be able to retain a crease down the centre. Leggings and jeans are not permitted. Skirts need to be A-lined and should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Skirts cannot be denim and should also not be tight fitting. Socks and tights should be either black or charcoal grey in colour.

All children need to wear black school shoes. These can be either leather or a plastic leather look. All shoes need to be flat and waterproof. They should be a shoe that your child is comfortable wearing all day. No trainers or boots are permitted. Furthermore, children can not wear nail polish to school and their hair should be natural in colour and not dyed.

In the Summer, children can also wear charcoal grey tailored shorts or a blue and white gingham school dress, skirt, culottes or playsuit.

Our School PE Kit

Our school PE kit consists of: plain navy or black shorts/navy or black jogging bottoms, a plain white T-Shirt and their school sweatshirt. Shorts and jogging bottoms need to be ‘Logo’ free, again most supermarkets are already stocking these ready for September. On your child’s PE day they can wear trainers. Weather dependent, we will ask you to pack a separate pair of school shoes for your child in case their trainers become too muddy whilst doing PE on the field.

Our Outdoor Learning Kit

On the day that your child takes part in outdoor activities, we ask that they come to school wearing jeans or jogging bottoms that you are happy that they get muddy in. All children will need to wear their school sweatshirt and polo shirt and will need to bring school trousers or skirt to change into after their forest school session. Your child will also need to bring with them a pair of wellies (in a named bag). They are welcome to store their wellies at school by leaving them on their peg. Without suitable footwear they will be offered school wellies.