School Council

Our School Council includes two children from each year group, from Year 1 to Year 6. These are pupils who have been democratically elected by their peers. Every fortnight they lead a school council assembly within their class, where they pose a question related to the everyday running of the school. It is their responsibility to collect and record the views of their classmates. Each half term, the school council then meets to share and discuss the responses, and decide on next steps. They recognise this responsibility and enjoy the impact that they have on the daily life of the school, representing the integral pupil voice.

Here are some of the achievements of this year’s school council:

Implementing whole school singing assemblies so that we can all raise the roof!

Organising successful events for Children in Need, including a non-school uniform and a bake

sale, which raised money for this important cause.

Making important decisions about playground equipment and activities.